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Cryptocurrency Tech Analysis: Bitcoin Hinting ABC Corrections

After staying in a gloomy avatar for most of the recent days, the cryptocurrency market held high hopes after medium-term upside correction attempts made in Bitcoin charts. In the last 24 hours, we saw the digital currency inclining without a glitch, but soon lost momentum upon nearing its medium term upside target. A pullback scenario is, therefore, forming. Have a look:


As you can notice in the chart above, the Bitcoin price has trended smoothly upwards during the US session, but has fallen right ahead of touching the channel resistance near 233. As we enter the Asian session, we could notice some selling pressure near the psychological resistance near 230 that has resulted into two mildly looking red candles. At press time, the Euro session is just two hours away, starting which the Bitcoin price action would be more mature. The current bias however is more inclined towards bears, a reason we see an ABC correction happening anytime. As Bitcoin price moves downward, the primary downside target will continue to be held near 225, an ideal stop as well. A break below this point will bring back 222 fiat in sight, a threshold that will separate Bitcoin from a breakout towards 215. In case Bitcoin manages to float above the 222-225 range, we can expect it to retest the initial target near 230, with an upside risk falling towards 233.

Happy Birthday, Blog: BTC News is 10

This is actually pretty impressive, considering. I regret not being more active of late but I remain pleased generally. There have been some highlights, Eric Brewer writing for the blog from the White House, and asking difficult questions of some spectacular dissimulators and stonewall masons, chief among them. He should have been famous for that.

No reason at all you should, not like I’m doing anything to earn it, but if you want to celebrate my continuing survival with some cash money feel free to hit the paypal thingie there on the right.

More, better, faster, soon!

Drugs, guns and money, plus: was Zimmerman set up? Plus: Blogs on Parade

I haven’t seen any right-wing conspiracy theories yet about how George Zimmerman was set up by ___________ to kill Trayvon Martin so that ____________, and I’m somewhat surprised by that. My bet with myself was that somebody would blame the anti-gun crowd, as in, “They knew he was a loose cannon and they set him up to kill the gangster so they could attack our right to bear arms.”

I would like to note that so far this century, US government employees salaried by you and me, dear reader—well, not me, exactly but all for one and so on—have violently destroyed, degraded, uprooted or otherwise disrupted the lives of millions and millions of people who live (or lived, as may be) in other countries and never did you or me or those government employees a lick of harm. And the spasm has nowhere near run its course. No need to internalize that, of course, as what would that accomplish?

Somebody somewhere remarked on some right-wing person’s assignment of blame for widespread drug use to hippies and liberals of the 1960s, which reminded me that a while back I found this trove of 1950s New York Times stories on drug use.

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Blogs on Parade: “They’re Wrong About Everything” edition

I have been lazy about referring the two of you to other blogs. I keep forgetting that it’s perfectly legitimate in this business to just quote stuff and then say I wrote something, which makes me feel better about not having written anything. Here are some things that people I like have found other people to be fantastically wrong about.

Jack Crow on the threat to traditional marriage:

If you’re looking for what degrades or corrupts the, heh, marriage bond, you ain’t ever going to find it the affections and affectations of homosexuals. But, you will find a whole lot of sundered wedded union in the wake of deployment, military industrial centralization and the austerity which follows war upon war. That shit is disruptive. The gays, not so much.

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So Tu, Bluto?

I didn’t get around to reading the State of the Union speech until this morning because the idiot White House didn’t post a transcript on their web site before I went to bed last night, and be damned if I’m going to subject myself to the audiovisual torment of a major political speech ever again. So I apologize to both of you for not responding immediately, as I hear that some malevolent homunculus from my former home state, Indiana, did.

The speech can be divided into two parts: the part that recognized and cashed in on all the pressure toward economic justice that Occupy created* during the past four months, and the part that didn’t.
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The fabulous new BTC News forum

We’ve added a bulletin board-like thing to the site which at some point will be integrated with the blog but for now is separate. You will find it here. It’s very basic and wholly undecorated at the moment, but presumably the decoration pixies will stop in sometime and remedy that.

Meanwhile, I’ll appreciate feedback from anyone who cares to visit the thing and tool around in it a bit. Drop a comment in the “feedback” category over there or in comments to this post. Thanks …

Blogs on Parade: “The Negro’s Revenge” edition

From Lenin’s Tomb, a lefty Brit blog run by Richard Seymour, comes this on the recent London riots:

On the history of British reactionaries blaming black music for riots and disorder:

“It is deplorable. It is tribal. And it is from America. It follows rag-time, blues, dixie, jazz, hot cha-cha and the boogie-woogie, which surely originated in the jungle. We sometimes wonder whether this is the negro’s revenge.”

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Blogs on parade, the Lost edition

I never saw Lost, but I gather it’s about being someplace strange where strange things happen.

Jack Crow’s Open Letter to A Registered Democrat

Your party hasn’t changed. It isn’t betraying you. That you ever believed otherwise is entirely to your discredit. The onus isn’t on you to figure this out. The onus is you. We’ve been carrying your credulousness for so long now, you don’t realize that you’re a burden.

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Happy anniversary to me: BTC News is 7 years old

Actually a week or two more than 7 years, because I forgot about it. I published the first of 1,923 posts (quite a few written by others who were gracious enough to help me out) on October 22 of 2003.

The subject of that first post was Frank Gaffney’s daffy take on the Iraq Survey Group’s hapless search for huge stores of unconventional weapons that were bound to turn up aaaaaaaaaaaaany minute now. It was a pretty good effort for an inaugural one, if I do say.

I don’t know what happened to Frank Gaffney. At the time he was a popular lunatic voice. And remember when Andrew Sullivan was among the hyper-articulate morons defending the invasion with hallucinogenic koans? He’s in the post too.

Ah, good times. I think maybe two people saw that one. Things picked up pretty smartly after that. In 2005-2006, a lot of people stopped in, at least by my standards—almost 2 million visitors in those two years. All things pass. Oh well.

I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done with the place. I’ve done some good writing, as have my friends who in addition to being friends and good writers pretty much kept things going when I was homeless or otherwise indisposed.

What I’m most proud of is that BTC was the first blog to have a semi-regular White House correspondent who isn’t a male prostitute (literally, not like the institutional press honchos). Eric Brewer did phenomenal things. He’s a really good writer and was bold enough to go into the White House press room in 2005, not a hospitable environment for administration critics or independent correspondents, and ask tough questions that the sycophants in the front row missed.

You’ll find his work here.


In other news: It took me years to learn how to beg—”Just think of it as your salary!” Yeah, right.—and now I’m sort of out of practice. I have been continually astonished by the generosity of so many people I don’t know and probably won’t ever meet. And of course by that of people whom I do know, some of whom I have met and aren’t related to me. Montfort and Zinya and JackD and others pretty much kept me alive there for a while, along with the aforementioned relatives.

The primary hard drive on my sporty little computer is failing. No Blue Screen of Death: it just hangs. I do almost daily checkups on the poor thing, and watch as the bad sectors metastasize despite my attempts to isolate them from the healthy tissue. And Macs break too, so don’t give me any shit about that. Anyway, if either of the readers who aren’t related to me have a few spare dollars to help out with the medical expenses and funeral costs, I’ll be profoundly grateful if you’ll drop it in the paypal kitty over there.