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    BTC News was born an impoverished but scrappy little blog with big ambitions. After a while these ambitions were realized; we got lots of traffic and for a while we even had our own White House correspondent. He posed lots of good questions to the likes of Bush administration press secretaries Scott McClellan and Tony Snow, and got stonewalled just like the big boys.

    That was then. Now, the blog has settled into a comfortable senescence, a condition described elsewhere as “the major cause of suffering, disease, and death in modern times.” We’re sorry about that.

    We got our name from Betty the Crow, a New Caledonian crow who was smart — smart enough to get into Oxford and impress her colleagues — and shrill, sometimes a bit coarse but not without her sensitive side. Raise a glass to Betty next chance you get.

    We welcome email and comments. We don’t always reply to email, but not from disinterest; we’re just not that organized. You can reach us at We require a small cash expression of good faith from wives and children of vanquished dictators or corrupt factotums wishing to shower us with riches. If you’re not one of those, you may want to use the contact form instead.

    Follow @weldonberger on Twitter