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    BTC News White House writer Eric Brewer on “The Brad Show”

    Eric Brewer, our White House writer, will be a guest on Brad Friedman’s satellite radio show, The Brad Show, tomorrow (Saturday) at about 10pm EST. The show is available via an internet feed as well as through the IBC Satellite Radio Network. Eric will be talking about his forays into the White House press room and about Scott McClellan’s response to Eric’s question regarding the Downing Street Memo.

    Please tune in to support Brad, Eric and BTC News.

    2 comments to BTC News White House writer Eric Brewer on “The Brad Show”

    • Lee Mayzes


      From the date here I don’t know if this site is still active. However, if it is, I wanted to let you know that I thought your opening question today (10/13/05)and follow up was brilliant. Indeed, it was one of the most impressive cross-examination traps I’ve ever seen. You were setting up the WH to not only state that false terrorist threats were terror itself, but that the person that issued that threat was a terrorist. Given that even the MSM (Olberman) is reporting lately that false terror threats are routinely released by the WH, this (as I believe you intended) has the consequence of putting the WH into the “terrorist” definition.

      Given the above, I truly love the second part of the first question: Do you think these people should be hunted down and brought to justice?

    • Downing Street memo

      [...] Retrieved 11 March 2006.  ^ “BTC News White House writer Eric Brewer on he Brad Show”. Retrieved 11 March 2006.  ^ “White House does not dispute substance of Downing Street [...]