The National Press Club relents, sort of

When the press club decided to limit attendance at its Jeff Gannon-Guckert panel, “Who is a Journalist,” to press club members and credentialed journalists, a predictable backlash ensued. Among other problems, the restriction would exclude from the audience almost everyone who brought the GG affair the attention that made it newsworthy in the eyes of the press club (not to mention two of the three bloggers and the feature attraction, Gannon-Guckert, if they weren’t on the panel).

I emailed NPC vice president Jonathon Salant regarding the restrictions, with particular regard to John Aravosis, whom Salant had earlier said “can feel good about the fact that his work on highlighting Gannon led directly to the NPC event.” He wrote back this morning to clarify (lots of clarification going on) the “press only” restrictions:

John is welcome to attend, as are any bloggers, as long as they’re not going to disrupt the proceedings. We’re not going to ask people to display a congressional press pass at the door, though they should identify themselves as working for a specific Blog or organization if questioned. Please pass this along to John and anyone else who wanted to attend but were afraid they were being excluded.

Salant has been responsive and pleasant throughout our correspondence—and I would hope that everyone calling and writing the press club would return the courtesy—but I must say that “John and anyone else who wanted to attend but were afraid they were being excluded” thought so because, well, the panel attendance guidelines explicitly excluded them.

For a bunch of high-powered reporters, the club are having the devil of a time reporting on their own event.

5 thoughts on “The National Press Club relents, sort of”

  1. Um. We let you in if you reveal your blog name. This sounds like some kind of trap or something…are they gonna be taking pictures of whomever goes…match them up with the blogs that they write…and put it in some kind of file. Why won’t identification just be sufficient.

    Many wonderful bloggers write under pen names…I don’t…but they deserve the right to keep their identity secret if they want.

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Why can’t they just let John A. join the panel so some truth might come out of this.

  2. Fuck the NPC. As far as I am concerned, their panel discussion is a meaningless waste of time and it is of NO value whatsoever, other than the fact they can pretend to be dialed in to what’s really happening in the blogosphere, even when they are clearly totally clueless. They are no longer qualified to discuss who or what a journalist is, as they are now as much a part of the problem as Mr. Gannon/Guckert himself. They obvioulsy have no idea who a real journalist is.

  3. But the reporter do have an idea of who a real journalist is!

    They are WHORES! This is why they were so puzzled about the Gannon affair. He is NORMAL! What’s the problem, they cry!

  4. “John is welcome to attend, as are any bloggers, as long as they’re not going to disrupt the proceedings”

    What a pompous jackoff, treating bloggers like children. You can come in if you pwomise pwomise you’ll be vewey, vewey qwiet. Jerk.

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