Damn you, Ralph Nader!

Yes, Ralph Nader is at it again. Almost 14 years after his run cost Al Gore a victory in Florida, hence nationally, the Lebanon Loon has cost Democrats another election in the Sunshine State. And it isn’t even November!

Oh wait, my bad: it’s the Democrats shooting themselves in the face again. Ed Jany, a Republican recently re-minted as a Democrat and the party’s handpicked candidate in Florida’s 13th Congressional District, has dropped out of the race and left the Republican incumbent unopposed. Jany, who has not been a registered Democrat long enough to run as a Democrat under Florida election law, had entered the race as an independent candidate backed by both the state and national Democratic parties. Barring death or a terminal scandal, David Jolly, the Republican victor in a special election to replace deceased Republican representative Bill Young a few months ago, now has an additional 30 months as a Congressman in which to consolidate his position in the district.

Jany, who announced his candidacy through a press release stating that “[M]y life has always been about service, honor and bringing people together to get results,” was revealed by the Tampa Bay Times to have claimed a degree from the University of Minnesota that he does not have, while touting an additional degree from a notorious diploma mill.

To review: the Florida and national Democratic parties recruited a candidate who lives outside the district — legal in Florida — and was barely a Democrat and could not run as a Democratic candidate, and they apparently failed to vet his résumé. Jany says the Times story had nothing to do with his withdrawal; he was simply too busy to complete his campaign. So in addition to letting his résumé slide, Democrats apparently didn’t ask if he had the spare time to run for Congress.

But wait! There’s more! In a brief announcement of Jany’s decampment, Tampa Bay Times politics editor Adam Smith (not that Adam Smith) says that in order to clear the way for Jany, “Democrats more or less threatened a prominent African-American minister to keep him out of the contest.” So along with recruiting a Republican to run as an independent, Democrats blackballed a Democrat.

The election handicappers at the Rothenberg Political Report say that they’re comfortable changing their assessment of the race “from Lean Republican to Safe Republican.”

It’ll be interesting to see how Democrats blame this on the Democratic base’s failure to turn out for mid-term elections.

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  1. Jesus K. Rist you democrats whine at leftists every chance you get. You peeps have a derangement syndrome.

        1. You’re right, Tom. I was uncharitable.

          I just visited your site and see that you’ve been only slightly less active during the past year than I have.

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