Free trade, terracotta candidates and cardboard bicycles

The giant sucking sound Ross Perot wants you to hear these days is him endorsing Mitt Romney on the basis of Romney’s presumed fiscally responsible policies. Perot, who wasn’t born yesterday, posits that history began in 2009 and says experts support Romney’s contention that the mome raths outgrabe.

Democrats, meanwhile, are shocked, shocked! that the company Romney once owned and still profits from is outsourcing jobs to China in a particularly callous fashion — requiring American workers at Sensata, an auto parts maker, to conclude their own employment by training their Chinese replacements. Illinois Senator Dick Durbin (who recently declined to sign a letter pledging to block Social Security cuts) is joining Sensata workers today in a show of solidarity.

At the same time, the Obama administration continue to negotiate yet another free trade pact, in secret, “stakeholders” only — labor organizations and elected officials are not stakeholders; corporations are — and the President touts the benefits of the ones he has signed while Romney criticizes him for not pursuing more. Free trade job losses may not be as visibly sadistic as what’s happening to the Sensata employees, but Public Citizen’s Lori Wallach notes that the song is much the same.

Neither candidate ever talks about the net effect of these deals, which is the measure that effects jobs and wage levels. But the bottom line is that the combined U.S. trade deficit with Korea and Colombia under the deals has jumped 29 percent above the 2011 levels for the same months.

Using the same ratio employed by the Obama administration, this trade deficit expansion implies the net loss of more than 15,000 U.S. jobs in just the first few months of the new trade deals. As if the loss during the NAFTA-WTO era of more than five million manufacturing jobs (one out of every four this nation had pre-NAFTA and WTO) were not sufficiently devastating for the American Middle Class…

Former Clinton shill Lanny Davis advises President Obama that Mitt Romney is “a good man, a good dad, a good husband and a successful businessman and politician who is deserving of respect” so the President should be respectful of him during their debate and should also name-check some Republican Senators Davis likes. Davis is among the least useful Americans of our time. We imagine him demonstrating a tug of the forelock.

On a more positive note: cardboard bicycles!

4 thoughts on “Free trade, terracotta candidates and cardboard bicycles”

  1. Obama’s theme in the debate should be, picking up on Biden’s comment, that you can’t trust these people. Not because Romney’s a bad man (although he is) but because he’ll say anything to get your vote and has, over and over again, and you’ll never know what he’s going to actually do.

  2. [You can’t trust Romney]because he’ll say anything to get your vote and has, over and over again, and you’ll never know what he’s going to actually do.

    That applies equally to Obama, of course, except that we do know what he’s going to actually do, because we’ve seen him do it. Over and over again.

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