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    US Secretary of War Leon Panetta ponders the human cost of the Greek financial crisis

    He’s concerned that the Greeks won’t have as much money to spend on killing humans in other countries as the US would like.

    “Today Secretary Panetta met with Greek Defense Minister Dimitris Avramopolous at the Pentagon to discuss a variety of mutual defense interests including the upcoming NATO Summit, the missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo, and the impact of Greece’s financial crisis on its defense posture.”

    We’re all heart, or possibly Soylent Green is people.

    2 comments to US Secretary of War Leon Panetta ponders the human cost of the Greek financial crisis

    • TRex

      Well, it is easier if foreign powers keep their military and spy agencies well funded and staffed if they are to be valued assets in the never ending American War on Everything™”. Any drop in commitment is a cause for concern!

      I wonder what conversations are being held with Canada regarding the airing of the dirty laundry associated with the no bid contract that was almost awarded for 69 or so F35 fighters? It’s a never ending job keeping the plebes in line and focused on the bottom line.

      • Places to go, people to kill …

        Re the Canadian thing, I’m sure the Deputy Assistant US Secretary of War for Kneecapping Allies is on the job. You guys’ll come around in no time. “Canada: Not As Nice As You Thought.”