Blogs on Parade: “The Negro’s Revenge” edition

From Lenin’s Tomb, a lefty Brit blog run by Richard Seymour, comes this on the recent London riots:

On the history of British reactionaries blaming black music for riots and disorder:

“It is deplorable. It is tribal. And it is from America. It follows rag-time, blues, dixie, jazz, hot cha-cha and the boogie-woogie, which surely originated in the jungle. We sometimes wonder whether this is the negro’s revenge.”

The link in Seymour’s post is to a bit in the stodgy old Economist of all places. He’s written a lot on the topic, all worth reading (including most recently this on “the sadistic state“). Give him a look.

From Avedon Carol’s Sideshow, a comment on the political acid test:

Back when Ross Perot was running for president, I marvelled at his apparent belief that all we needed was for someone to go to Washington and, I don’t know, put LSD in the water so everyone would love each other and get along? Really, his entire governing strategy, as he explained it, seemed to be, “I’m going to go there and make ‘em all shake hands and get some real work done.” No recognition of the huge ideological gulf between the two sides, just this bizarre Woodstock Nation kind of philosophy that even in the ’60s you couldn’t have sold to a bunch of stoned hippies. But people who look kindly on Obama seem to think that he has the same weird, Sunshine Acid kind of thinking, as if it was all about needing his own special personality to make the flower-wreathed fairy circle emerge.

And more. She always has great links.

From Michael Shaw’s Bag News Notes, a comment on British PM David Cameron’s odd choice to deliver a reactionary screed in front of rather well-done bit of graffiti:

I’m confused. I suppose Team Cameron chose to situated [sic] its “law and order” screed in front of a graffiti mural at a youth center to signify that the same culture that spawns such art is about to get its head handed to it?

Don’t they get that graffiti, and the combination of alienation, frustration, and yearning for identity and expression that underpins it, is the exact thing that Cameron is denying? Unless I’m missing something here, this has got to be one of the most blind and provocative political images I’ve seen in some time.

Bag News Notes is all about the images, so you really have to visit the link to see what Shaw’s talking about. Also from Shaw, during the height of the Midwest floods, a brilliant catch of a visual allegory for the plight of the American worker.

From the Columbia Journalism Review’s Audit Note, Ryan Chittum lauds coverage of the Obama administration’s cozy relationships with economic arsonists:

The American Banker’s Jeff Horwitz has another excellent report on the Federal Housing Administration and its former commissioner David Stevens, who took a bold spin through the revolving door earlier this year to become CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association.

Chittum also takes note of a Center for Public Integrity story about the FBI’s lackadaisical approach to mortgage fraud investigations.

And finally, what my daughter said I had to hear: Splendid, splendid heartbreaking chops.

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