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    State of the Union: We’re doomed, but meanwhile …

    Perhaps the most outstanding achievement of the speech was getting Chris Matthews to forget that Obama is not an Irishman. Seriously: Chris Matthews said that “I forgot he was black tonight for an hour.” Dude. Seek help. Never mind.

    The White House web site has a transcript of the speech along with a convenient guide to what the speech meant, but basically what it boils down to is that if the country is to move forward then Congressional Democrats have to grow spines, Congressional Republicans have to grow consciences and the Supreme Court majority have to resign their positions as robed servants to the malefactors of great wealth.

    None of that is going to happen, hence the “we’re doomed” assessment, but meanwhile the president did put forward some proposals that both parties can get behind. Business tax credits, a jobs creation package that may squeeze through the Senate if Republicans are allowed to include measures that will screw some class of persons, and more business tax credits. Throw a bunch of money at the nuclear power industry, which could get about $20 billion in subsidies, loan guarantees and—you guessed it—tax credits in exchange for their lobbying and campaign cash contributions of about $600 million during the past decade.

    Not a bad return on investment, eh? $600 million to get $20 billion? And now that corporations can directly purchase legislators, investments should become even more efficient.

    Then there were the war, terror, pestilence sections. We shall prosecute them all with great vigah. TITO: Terror In, Terror Out.

    Anyway. You know. Whatever. Tomorrow is another day, and that day is yesterday.

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