Prove it, Mr. Hiatt

The Washington Post’s lead editorial today asserts that Tehran is supplying “sophisticated bombs” that are killing American soldiers in Iraq.

After President Bush made the same accusation last year, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Peter Pace said, on March 14, 2006, that he had no proof that the Iranian government was responsible for such attacks.

This year, on February 2, 2007, when Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was asked about Tehran’s responsibility for EFP (explosively formed penetrator) attacks in Iraq, he replied

“I don’t know that we know the answer to that question.”

Finally, on February 13, 2007, two days after a Baghdad briefing at which several anonymous U.S. military intelligence officials presented their long-awaited evidence purporting to prove that the “highest levels” of the Iranian leadership were behind the EFP attacks, General Pace once again denied that he had any proof of Iranian government involvement.

So the Washington Post must have evidence, unavailable to General Pace or Secretary Gates, proving that Tehran is behind the EFP attacks.

Let’s see it, Mr. Hiatt.

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  1. Prove it indeed! Some of these charges are downright specific; “on Sunday, Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch said that about 50 members of the Revolutionary Guard Corps were operating in the area south of Baghdad, where they are “facilitating training of Shiite extremists.”

    If Gen. Lynch knows that about 50 Iranians are operating south of Baghdad why doesn’t he simply go after them like any good General would. More likely, he doesn’t have any actionable intelligence to support such an attack and that means that there may well bo no Iranians located south of Baghdad, let alone the 50 claimed.

    And that is one of the problems with Iraq. If the Generals don’t know what to believe how can ordinary American citizens know what to believe. A starter might be to offer up proof rather than mere talking points as you so strongly request Eric. I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen, however. It hasn’t for 5 1/2 years so what of the chances of that changing now — zero?

  2. Apropos Dallas NE’s comment, especially one should not look for responsible journalism from Hiatt.

  3. Eric,

    I have a semi-related question for you. While your focus here is rightfully on the editorial page editor, Hiatt, i just came across something here —

    — which I cannot find any verification for:

    10:23 am
    Big question: Did the Washington Post put a hold on its stories about how Rove used federal resources for political and private profit until after Rove was out of the White House? Why else would they be writing about it now? What is the Post’s publisher so afraid of? Or is he more politically allied with his uncle, the Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, than with his late mother, who authorized the reporting on Watergate? I don’t buy the notion that all this depth reporting was just whipped up in the last few days; it’s too solid to have been done that fast. It must have been sitting around, just waiting for print.

    There’s for sure one error here: Donald Graham is no longer publisher of the WP, but rather Chairman, having passed publisher status to Boisfeuillet (Bo) Jones, Jr. back more than five years ago …

    But do you know if this is true that there’s a family relationship between the WP Grahams and Lindsey Graham? I googled (dogpiled it, actually) and found nothing that would verify this.

    Who knows really for what reason beyond the vaunted ‘access’ and groveling and fear-of-being-labeled ‘liberal’ the WP has been doing Bush’s warmongering and more all these years, but can this be yet another factor as twistedchick hypothesizes? Is her premise actually correct?

    I saw one claim that it’s the influence of the Washington Times that has obliged the WP to lean more conservative in the past decade. Do you buy that?

  4. hi zinya–

    Donald Graham’s uncle was Bob Graham (former Democratic Florida senator and governor), not Lindsey, so I’m afraid our livejournaling chick friend has got her knickers slightly twisted. Bob was Philip’s younger (by 21 years) half-brother.

    I think Hiatt and the Post have signed on to the Very Serious National Security Establishment’s Middle Eastern Crusade to Make the World Safe for Israel and the Oil Companies. Hang on to your hat.

  5. And while we are proving that Iran is stoking the fires, perhaps we should cast an eye on Saudi Arabia’s support for the Sunnis. Or, for that matter, the number of weapons the U.S. has supplied to Iraq that are now in insurgent hands. Can we attack ourselves because we are a threat to our own interests?

  6. Next thing you’ll say is that “there is no crediable proof” that 9/11 happened!

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